26.-28. Februar 2020
Messe und Congess Centrum Bremen


We are pleased to invite you for participating in the

5th International Medical Class Paediatric Critical Care
                                       within the
30th Symposium on Intensive Care Medicine + Nursing

at the beautiful City of Bremen.

In 2020, the combination of the 30th Symposium and the 5th International Medical Class is a very special anniversary edition and we are grateful that we were able to establish our satellite symposium successfully in recent years as a collaborative project between ROBINAID foundation and the annual Bremen Symposium. Thanks to all who made this happen.

Physicians, nurses, medical technicians, and other healthcare workers from our inter- national medical projects in Africa, the Middle East, Asia, Eastern Europe, as well as colleagues from different partnered organizations are warmly invited to join this unique scientific event.

But, it would be a great pleasure for us to welcome also German colleagues involved in the field of paediatric critical care as well as interested students: if you want to look beyond narrow horizons and if you would like to meet health professionals from other countries, please come and join our sessions.

ROBINAID foundation establishes and supports paediatric critical care in less developed countries according to international quality standards; as a highly specialized medical expert organization we focus on the treatment of life-threatening disorders particularly congenital and acquired heart diseases.

We are always working in conjunction with local partnered hospitals; according to their needs we provide teams of medical experts, equipment, and consumables. But, in order to encourage them in their own abilities to become self-sufficient as soon as possible, medical education is the most important column in our strategy.

Once again, we warmly invite you to join us.

We hope that we will succeed in offering you an interesting, exciting, and multifaceted program; we are looking forward to a lively exchange with all our participants sharing personal experiences, interacting in a respectful manner, and building up sustainable relationships: coming as colleagues and leaving as friends.


The International Medical Class is a joint project between the Bremen Symposium on Intensive Care Medicine + Nursing and the RobinAid Foundation carried out for the 5th time within the 30th Symposium in February, 2020.

The invited fellows are coming from different international projects of RobinAid and Chaîne de l'Espoir Europe. The Stay in Bremen and the participation at the International Medical Class as well as at the entire symposium are organized by RobinAid Foundation.

Die IMC ist ein Kooperationsprojekt des Symposiums Intensivmedizin + Intensivpflege und der Stiftung RobinAid,  zum fünften Mal durchgeführt während des 30. Symposiums im Februar 2020.

Die eingeladenen Stipendiaten kommen aus verschiedenen internationalen Projekten von RobinAid und Chaine de l‘Espoir Europe. Der Aufenthalt in Deutschland sowie die Teilnahme am Symposium und den IMC Sessions werden von ROBINAID organisiert.

Deutsche interessierte Ärzte/innen und Pflegende sind herzlich zur Teilnahme an den Sessions der International Medical Class eingeladen.

Further program details can be found under www.intensivmed.de at the menu Programmübersicht or click HERE.
Weitere Programmdetails finden Sie unter www.intensivmed.de im Bereich Programmübersicht oder klicken Sie HIER.


First morning after total repair of Fallot: our Italian intensivist Sarah and Adamo at the Shisong Cardiac Centre / Cameroon.









First morning after resection of subaortic membrane and VSD closure: our Cameroonian nurse Mainomo and Nadine at the Shisong Cardiac Centre / Cameroon.










Quelle: RobinAid



Quelle: RobinAid